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About this Documentation

This site is a collaborative effort of phpList users to provide documentation for phpList and the team. If you do not know what phplist is, first read the Introduction and the feature list.

If you are new to the wiki software used for this documentation site, please go to the SandBox and experiment freely. You will first need to register by clicking on the Login/Register link at the top of this page (this is a different login from the one you use in the phpList forum). Fill in all the registration fields and click "Register". Then go to the SandBox, click "Edit page" at the bottom, and try your hand. See WikiInstructions for more details.

I - Installation and Configuration

Step by step installation procedure and tips. Some knowledge of Windows or *nix systems is required.

II - phpList Userguide

Detailed documentation on how phplist works once it is properly installed.


Please do NOT use this wiki if you experience problems with your system. Please use the phplist Forums instead. This wiki is meant to provide simple documentation on how phpList works (not on why it doesn't work), as well as a place for phpList developers to discuss new features.

Bugs can be reported on mantis bug tracker. If you are not already doing so, please test the bug with the latest version of phpList or check the Change Log as it may have already been fixed.

phpList Development

phpList Development: Documentation on the setup of phplist code and how you can contribute to it.
Includes: Add-ons, MODs, Editors, Translation of phplist, etc.
Proposals for new features and modifications can be found in the phpList Development Category.

Support this project

If you like phplist and wish to contribute to this project make a donation.

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