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phplist End-User Documentation

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This documentation details features available in phplist version 2.10.2.

Basic Features

General documentation for end users. Note: Advanced features are detailed below in the next section.

Configuration functions --done
List and user functions What is a "list"? what is a "user"? --done
  • list List the current lists --done
    • Includes: create/modify the description and parameters of a list, tips on how to use lists --done
    • view members List, add, remove users on a list, move users to another list --done
  • users List all Users --done
    • Search users --done
    • user User file: add data to a user's file; subscribing, unsubscribing, blacklisting a user --done
  • Export users Export users --done
    • Includes: Exporting all users --done
    • Includes: Exporting users of a list --done
  • Import users Import users

Administrator functions --done
Message functions --done
RSS Functions --done

Advanced Features

Documentation for experienced users and administrators

System Functions
Configuration functions
List and user functions
Administrator functions
Message functions
HTML Editors


Phplist Administration

Documentation for phplist administrators

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